How to Identify and Disinfect High-Touch Areas

Humans are home to trillions of microorganisms. We shed them on everything we touch, and pick up bacteria left behind by others. High-touch areas receive this bacteria more than anywhere else, because they are touched more frequently. These surfaces call for an action plan to ensure they’re cleaned and disinfected more regularly than other areas. […]

Selecting the Best PPE: A Guide

When it comes to PPE or personal protective equipment, the function is all in the name.  While it is widely used within medical and healthcare settings, PPE can also be effectively utilised within the cleaning sector.  In this industry, PPE can sometimes be viewed as a non-essential, a protocol to be deployed only when absolutely […]

Winterisation and Train Floors: A Best Practice Guide

Preparing the rail network for winter is a necessity.  De-icers are utilised on station pavements, walkways and platforms to keep surfaces safe for passengers.  Though effective, many commonly used de-icing products can cause considerable damage to train floors.  In order to keep these surfaces in good condition, hygiene professionals and cleaners should fully understand the […]

Floor Cleaning: Things to Remember

How to Clean Floors Bearing the brunt of heavy footfall day after day, the floor of a facility can quickly begin to show signs of wear and tear. In addition to offering up a negative first impression to visitors, poorly tended floors can prove to be an expensive problem to rectify. Proper floor cleaning not […]

The Two-Stage Cleaning Process: Immediate prevention and Long-Term Protection ​

The two-stage cleaning process: Immediate prevention, long-term protection As businesses and organisations across all sectors work to adapt their operations against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the two-stage cleaning process remains as important as ever.   When followed properly, this procedure can mitigate the risks of cross-contamination from a range of harmful microorganisms and viruses, including Covid-19.  […]

Sustainable Commercial Cleaning: A Quick Guide​

Sustainable commercial cleaning: A quick guide When it comes to being eco-friendly, consumers want to see businesses take on a greater sense of social responsibility. As a commercial cleaning company, proudly serving businesses across a wide variety of sectors, we recognise the crucial role we have to play in providing eco-friendly cleaning services and helping businesses to achieve their sustainability targets.  At Paragon Group our clients […]

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