Bags that don’t cost the earth

refuse sacks

At Paragon, we’re dedicated to enhancing our portfolio with products that minimise our environmental footprint. That’s why we’ve developed Ember, a new range of eco-friendly refuse sacks.

Circular-economy champions

Plastic waste collected from supermarkets gets a second life in Ember refuse sacks. 50% of the plastic used is sourced locally, while the rest arrives from across Europe. The range is crafted from at least 97% recycled materials. And when it comes to our clear bags, they proudly feature 100% recycled content. Here’s how they are made:

Powered by

Ember’s production facility runs on sunshine. The 100% self-sufficient setup ensures that solar panels generate 120% of the energy needs. The extra 20%? It powers 920 homes.

Zero waste, ​
zero extra costs

The factory operates with zero waste, contributing to a circular economy without adding any extra costs. Plus, its water recycling process keeps costs down while being environmentally responsible.


Ember, our new range of recycled refuse sacks, not only helps the transport sector to become more sustainable, but also reflect Paragon’s commitment to offering products that benefit both the planet and its customer’s pocket.

The range

90ltr Medium Duty Clear Refuse Sack 10kg

90ltr Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Sack 15kg

140ltr Heavy Duty Green Refuse Sack 18kg

140ltr Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Sack 15kg

140ltr Extra Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Sack 20kg

We are now closed for the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, we will reopen on Monday 6th June. Any orders placed during this period will be processed and delivered from then onwards