Sustainable commercial cleaning

Sustainable commercial cleaning: A quick guide for 2020

When it comes to being eco-friendly, consumers want to see businesses take on a greater sense of social responsibility. As a commercial cleaning company, proudly serving businesses across a wide variety of sectors, we recognise the crucial role we have to play in providing eco-friendly cleaning services and helping businesses to achieve their sustainability targets. 

At Paragon Group our clients have become more interested in the steps we take to deliver sustainable commercial cleaning services. They want to make all aspects of their businesses more sustainable and environmentally friendly.   

We have embraced their commitments to sustainability and are exploring ways to further reduce the footprint of our cleaning services. 

Is commercial cleaning unsustainable?

It all depends on the approach you take. A few simple adjustments to the process of commercial cleaning can dramatically impact the sustainability of the services.  

In this article, we are going to be exploring the following questions: 

  • What makes commercial cleaning unsustainable? 
  • What would make commercial cleaning more sustainable? 
  • Is sustainable commercial cleaning efficient? 

What makes commercial cleaning unsustainable?

Commercial cleaning as a service is not inherently unsustainable. However, some of the methods used to deliver results need to be revised to become eco-friendly. 

Water waste

A considerable amount of water is used during the process of commercial cleaning. The responsible usage of water should be a priority for any commercial cleaning company.  

Promoting water conservation is a key component to making commercial premises more environmentally friendly. Manual floor cleaning with a traditional mop and bucket is notoriously inefficient. A huge amount of water can be wasted during this process. 

Disposal of chemicals

There’s now a long list of chemicals once included in cleaning products that are now branded as being undesirable. Eliminating harmful chemicals from commercial cleaning processes is one component of delivering sustainable services.  

Many cleaning solvents are derived from petroleum. It can be incredibly tricky to dispose of these solvents, creating problems for the environment and the health of others. 

What would make commercial cleaning more sustainable?

There’s plenty that can be done to make commercial cleaning more sustainable. Taking on a greater sense of social responsibility doesn’t have to be a burden. At Paragon Group we are embracing the challenge of finding new ways to make commercial cleaning more sustainable. 

Sustainable ways to conserve water

The important role of water in commercial cleaning cannot be ignored. Cleaning without water just isn’t practical. We need to find ways of using less water without compromising the quality of the service.  

To conserve water, you could invest in low-moisture vacuum systems. These systems use far less water than a regular vacuum, making them more eco-friendly. 

When it comes to conserving water, flat mopping is widely considered to be more effective than traditional mopping. As traditional mops get saturated with water and chemicals, they become more difficult to handle. The added weight can affect the usability of the mops. This can slow the pace at which cleaners are able to get the job done to a high standard. 

Rather than pulling a saturated mop out of a bucket of water to clean the floor, flat mopping systems enable you to dispense water from the bottle as you need it. With nothing going to waste, this is a more eco-friendly and efficient approach to mopping. Flat mopping systems also contain onboard chemicals. 


Sustainable ways to deal with chemicals

Sustainable cleaning products first entered the market in the 1990s. Initially, these products were not successful. There just wasn’t enough interest in sustainable cleaning. Now, as people look to become more eco-friendly, the demand for these products has rapidly increased. Green cleaning products, made from biotechnology, are sweeping off the shelves. 

However, manufacturing biotech cleaning products can prove to be rather challenging. From research and regulatory compliance to performance analysis and stability assessments, producing biotech cleaning products requires specific technological knowledge.  

Biotech ingredients make it possible to develop highly concentrated cleaning products with smaller concentrations of chemicals. 

At Paragon Group, we use Para Gene Plus – a terminal cleaner and sanitiser – to kill harmful microbial organisms.  

This product is made from biotechnology, utilising mild surfactants and natural fermentation extract to produce an environmentally responsible disinfectant. There are also many other naturally derived and eco-friendly products on the market. 

Is sustainable commercial cleaning efficient?

Sustainable commercial cleaning can promote greater levels of efficiency. While adapting to new methods and processes may cause some shortterm disruption, the ecological benefits of your actions make it all worth it.  

A few decades ago, these would have been tough decisions to make because there weren’t enough sustainable cleaning products available on the market. 

Now there is a wide range of sustainable cleaning products to choose from. If you’re looking for sustainable commercial cleaning products at an affordable price, you should take a browse through our wide range of chemical and paper products. 

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