Bedbug Battle: Keeping Public Transport Bug-Free for a Safe Journey

There is a growing concern over bedbug infestations on UK public transport. And the last thing passengers want to worry about is the presence of unwanted bedbugs and other flying and crawling insects such as fleas and cockroaches when travelling. That’s why Paragon is here to support you with the right approach to reassure your passengers that your train, tram, or bus is hygienic and safe to travel on.

The prevalence of bedbugs in transport

Bedbugs are notorious for their ability to infest various environments quickly, and public transport is no exception. A female adult can lay up to 10 eggs a day, and 200-500 eggs in her lifetime, meaning prompt detection followed by swift, effective action are key to controlling an infestation.

These pesky insects can easily spread from one passenger to another. However, the key is not to engage in preventative decontamination, as excessive use of pesticides is not recommended. Instead, focus on effective and practical measures to ensure a bedbug-free journey for all.

Step One: Confirm There is a Problem

How do you know if you have bedbugs? The first step in eliminating bedbugs and other insects is to confirm that there is an issue. To do this, we recommend placing monitoring devices within seating areas and luggage racks. 

Paragon suggests installing four to eight monitoring devices per train carriage, positioning them strategically under the seats and at each luggage rack. By centralizing the monitoring, it becomes easier to detect any problems promptly.

Our durable monitoring devices lure the bugs into the device for quick notification of an infestation. This innovative solution not only captures adult bed bugs but also their younger counterparts, ensuring comprehensive protection against these elusive pests.

Step Two: Addressing the issue

If monitoring reveals the presence of bedbugs or other insects, swift and effective treatment is paramount. Paragon offers a practical solution, and we recommend using the residual insecticide through a fogger or by using an effective permethrin-based insect control cartridge smoke generator for a quick, efficient resolution. 

These approaches offer cost-effective solutions for eliminating bugs while safeguarding soft furnishings as our solution is fabric safe. Both our smoke generators and foggers are expertly designed to quickly disperse the chemical, effectively targeting bed bugs and other bothersome insects. 

In cases of confirmed infestation, it’s essential to achieve comprehensive coverage of all affected areas, paying close attention to crevices to leave no insect behind. We advise removing seats where possible, ensuring thorough surface coverage when deploying the chemical solution. The chemical has a residual effect that remains active for 8-12 weeks and is safe for humans and pets.

By following these comprehensive steps, we can efficiently and cost-effectively tackle bedbug issues, guaranteeing a comfortable and hygienic journey for all passengers.

Step Three: Monitoring and prevention

To prevent future infestations, we recommend using monitoring devices proactively. Our monitoring solutions are designed to last four to six months in a controlled environment. By regularly monitoring seats, luggage racks and carpets operators can catch potential issues before they escalate, ensuring a comfortable and bug-free experience for passengers.

The products you will need:

As outlined, you will need the following products to monitor and address any infestations. To order these products, search for the following codes on the platform you use to place your orders with Paragon:

  • Monitoring Devices: PEST/BBM/12 
  • Insecticide Chemical Concentrate: PEST/BUGINSEC/1LTR
  • Smoke Generator: PEST/SG/MIDI
  • Mains-Powered Fogger: FOG/SF/130
  • Battery-Powered Fogger: FOG/ESPRAY


Safety is paramount when using this type of chemical. The following personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended when handling these chemicals:

  • Half mask (Type P3, Filter A1/B1, Filter A2/B2)
  • Gloves (EN ISO 374-1): NG/DG
  • Safety glasses (EN 166:2001): SG/E
  • Coveralls (Type 5/6): COVERALL-SUPERTEX


Bedbug infestations on UK public transport is a concern that can affect the comfort and wellbeing of passengers. However, with the right approach, including proper monitoring and effective treatment, we can eliminate these pests. Paragon is committed to providing practical solutions to keep our transportation system bug-free and ensure that passengers can travel with peace of mind. By taking these steps, we can maintain a comfortable and hygienic environment for all those who rely on our public transportation services.

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