Bedbug Battle: Keeping Public Transport Bug-Free for a Safe Journey

There is a growing concern over bedbug infestations on UK public transport. And the last thing passengers want to worry about is the presence of unwanted bedbugs and other flying and crawling insects such as fleas and cockroaches when travelling. That’s why Paragon is here to support you with the right approach to reassure your […]

The Use of UV-C for Disinfecting of Shared Environments

Minimising viral transmission is imperative when it comes to schools, offices, hospitality and other shared public areas remaining open safely. As you may have seen in the media, there is talk around UV-C disinfection being used to sanitise shared equipment and surfaces in order to help pupils in receiving an education which is as close to normal as possible.  Air sanitisation […]

How to Select the Correct Cleaning Chemicals

While matching the right cleaning chemical to a task is certainly one element of a cleaner’s role, pairing the right product to any given surface adds another dimension of difficulty to the job.  With proper understanding and awareness, hygiene professionals can select a product that is both effective in terms of its cleaning and disinfecting […]

Ozone Disinfecting: An Overview

As a disinfecting agent, the power of ozone can be harnessed quite literally from thin air. While it is widely used as an alternative to chlorine within the wastewater treatment industry, ozone disinfection is gaining traction within the wider cleaning sector. While it is versatile and dynamic, this method of disinfection can only be effective […]

Cleaning With Melamine Sponges: All You Need to Know

Long used for insulation and soundproofing purposes, melamine has more latterly been gaining popularity within the professional cleaning sector. While it may look very similar to a conventional sponge, melamine’s physical structure means that it offers hygiene professionals a unique range of benefits when it comes to removing scuffs, scratches and scrapes across a wide […]

Everything You Need to Know About Long-Lasting Surface Disinfectant

Hygiene professionals have a myriad of products at their disposal, but with so much on the market, it’s not always easy to gauge the efficacy of any particular chemical. This is especially true when it comes to gauging and verifying claims of long-term disinfection. However, by looking to the label and beyond, a cleaner can […]

Creating a Working Culture Around Hygiene and Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene are dynamic concepts. To maintain excellent standards of hygiene within a facility – be it a school, a restaurant, an office or a hospital – it takes hard work and mutual understanding from both those who use and those who maintain that particular space. In order to protect and ensure these standards […]

Cleaning With Efficiency: 3 Things You Need to Know

It is often said that a clean, tidy environment is a guaranteed way of boosting the productivity of those who use a particular space.  For those directly undertaking the task of cleaning, productivity may be a given, but efficiency might demand a bit more planning.  To get the best results from their hard work, a […]

Disinfecting: When, Why and How?

When to Disinfect: Timing and Techniques When it comes to disinfection, there is no silver bullet.  Rather, a professional cleaner understands that this is a process that relies not just on a product-based solution, but on a careful, consistent regimen.  Indeed, the key to any disinfection routine is not only understanding how to disinfect, but […]

Spot the Difference: Antibacterial, Sanitising and Disinfectant Wipes

Antibacterial, sanitising, and disinfectant wipes. What’s the difference? People use wet wipes to clean an array of surfaces, from toilets to tables. Unless you’ve been self-isolating the entire year, you’ve likely seen them being used frequently. But do they all have the same effect? If you look around, you’ll notice wipes in various categories. Antibacterial, […]

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