The Use of UV-C for Disinfecting of Shared Environments

Minimising viral transmission is imperative when it comes to schools, offices, hospitality and other shared public areas remaining open safely. As you may have seen in the media, there is talk around UV-C disinfection being used to sanitise shared equipment and surfaces in order to help pupils in receiving an education which is as close to normal as possible.  Air sanitisation […]

Ozone Disinfecting: An Overview

As a disinfecting agent, the power of ozone can be harnessed quite literally from thin air. While it is widely used as an alternative to chlorine within the wastewater treatment industry, ozone disinfection is gaining traction within the wider cleaning sector. While it is versatile and dynamic, this method of disinfection can only be effective […]

A Cleaner’s Guide to the pH Scale

A Cleaner’s Guide to the pH Scale More than anything else, cleaning is an act of science. A well-informed professional knows how and when to deploy specific products to achieve the best results. But behind this knowledge lies an understanding of the pH scale and how it can be used as an effective and powerful […]

Product Dilution: Why is it Important?

The Importance of Product Dilution: Impact on Performance, Efficiency, Cost and Safety The proper use of chemical cleaning products and solutions is part and parcel of a cleaner’s role.  This, of course, includes understanding the finer points of product dilution.  When undertaken carefully and correctly, this process offers considerable benefits to both cleaning staff and […]

Rock Salt, Calcium Chloride and Urea: Everything You Need to Know

Rock Salt, Calcium Chloride and Urea: How to Mitigate Damage in the Carriage from These Common De-icers With snow and ice posing a perennial hazard to public areas, de-icers are a necessity in keeping roads and pavements safe. As commonly used de-icing substances, rock salt, calcium chloride and urea prills or pellets are all effective […]

UVC in the Spotlight

UVC in the spotlight for workplace disinfection Ultraviolet C (UVC) disinfection isn’t new, but it was barely a blip on the radar before COVID-19. Now there’s a renewed interest in using both new and old technologies to help stop the spread of the virus in commercial environments.  What is UVC? UVC lamps, also known as germicidal lamps, […]

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