Cleaning With Melamine Sponges: All You Need to Know

Long used for insulation and soundproofing purposes, melamine has more latterly been gaining popularity within the professional cleaning sector. While it may look very similar to a conventional sponge, melamine’s physical structure means that it offers hygiene professionals a unique range of benefits when it comes to removing scuffs, scratches and scrapes across a wide […]

Spot the Difference: Antibacterial, Sanitising and Disinfectant Wipes

Antibacterial, sanitising, and disinfectant wipes. What’s the difference? People use wet wipes to clean an array of surfaces, from toilets to tables. Unless you’ve been self-isolating the entire year, you’ve likely seen them being used frequently. But do they all have the same effect? If you look around, you’ll notice wipes in various categories. Antibacterial, […]

The Importance of Colour-Coded Cleaning

The Importance of Colour-Coded Cleaning Guidelines and rules set by the FSA exist to ensure your business is safe and hygienic. Since 2006, the FSA has recommended separating cleaning implements as good practice. One way to ensure separation is by colour coding your equipment. It’s not compulsory to use a colour coded system outside healthcare. […]

Cotton Versus Microfibre: Pros and Cons

Cotton Versus Microfibre: Pros and Cons A cloth is a cloth – except when it’s not. As any professional cleaner knows, different fabrics and different fibres have their own distinct physical properties. Cotton and microfibre are widely used throughout the cleaning industry, with the latter material becoming increasingly popular in recent years. These fabrics rightly […]

Vacuums: Finding the Right Machine for the Job

Vacuums: Matching the right machine to the job Vacuuming is key to any floorcare programme and in maintaining good indoor air quality.  However, for cleaning professionals the process of vacuuming, and especially the choice of what kind of vacuum to use and when, is worthy of careful consideration.  Consider the setting and the task As mentioned by Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the process […]

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