How to Select the Correct Cleaning Chemicals

While matching the right cleaning chemical to a task is certainly one element of a cleaner’s role, pairing the right product to any given surface adds another dimension of difficulty to the job.  With proper understanding and awareness, hygiene professionals can select a product that is both effective in terms of its cleaning and disinfecting […]

Everything You Need to Know About Long-Lasting Surface Disinfectant

Hygiene professionals have a myriad of products at their disposal, but with so much on the market, it’s not always easy to gauge the efficacy of any particular chemical. This is especially true when it comes to gauging and verifying claims of long-term disinfection. However, by looking to the label and beyond, a cleaner can […]

Disinfecting: When, Why and How?

When to Disinfect: Timing and Techniques When it comes to disinfection, there is no silver bullet.  Rather, a professional cleaner understands that this is a process that relies not just on a product-based solution, but on a careful, consistent regimen.  Indeed, the key to any disinfection routine is not only understanding how to disinfect, but […]

Choosing a Disinfectant: A Guide

Choosing a Disinfectant The right product plays a vital part in any disinfection routine. While many disinfectants offer protection against a host of harmful pathogens, not all are formulated to be effective against every kind of microorganism. For a professional cleaner, it is worth understanding which disinfectant will offer the best results against any given […]

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