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Paragon PSV Rail Industry Onsite Training

Cleanliness in your organisation plays a vital role in the ‘customer experience’ so it’s therefore important that appropriate training is provided to cleaning operatives. 

In our experience, on site training provides an opportunity for staff to ask technical questions to cleaning industry specialists which is generally responded to favourably and results in overall improvements.

Improved cleaning

Conducting internal and external audits can highlight areas for improvement.  We can then deploy appropriate training for cleaning operatives to address and rectify problems and offer practical advice.

Improved health and safety

Better understanding of the most appropriate use of cleaning products and health and safety implications, helps to mitigate the risk of damage or injury while carrying out cleaning duties.

Improved staff morale

Demonstrating how to achieve a better cleaning result, often with less effort, can improve motivation and morale as staff understand what is expected of them and learn an alternative way to approach a task. 

Financial benefit

Implementing appropriate training can improve staff performance, which means you benefit from long term cost savings through more efficient use of staff time, improved cleaning results and less product wastage.