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Commercial Deep Clean Kitchens

Our specialist team can dismantle, deep clean and reassemble all kitchen equipment as well as fixed structures such as drainage grids and ventilation systems. 

Over a period of time ventilation systems accumulate layers of grease, dirt, bacteria and unpleasant odours.  These symptoms can be the source of an environmental health hazard, create a fire risk and can greatly reduce the operating efficiency of your ventilation system. 

PHC Commercial Deep Cleaning has the expertise to restore and maintain the cleanliness levels of your essential and expensive equipment to ensure this performs at optimum efficiency and is compliant with current EHO and Food Standards Agency Guidelines.

Cookers, grills and deep fat fryers need to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the correct levels of hygiene and an optimum operating efficiency. 

Industry standards recommend that a kitchen ventilation system, operational for less than 8 hours per day, requires an annual deep clean. Kitchens operating extended hours require cleaning every three to six months.

The removal of accumulated soiling, grease and carbon deposits requires our specialised deep cleaning knowledge and equipment in order to achieve professional results.

  • Kitchen Canopies / Hoods 
  • Filters
  • Duct Work (including installation of access panels and doors)
  • Extraction Fans
  • Air Handling Units 
  • Kitchen Equipment

For maximum impact in your kitchen, our team will apply effective degreasing and sanitising products analysed to BS EN 1276 disinfection standards, together with the use of commercial pressure washers, steamers and wet and dry vacuums, to remove ingrained dirt and grease from work surfaces, walls, floors, ceilings and less accessible areas such as pipe work.

Free flow of drainage within your system is essential to avoid health issues, odours and blockages. Prevent problems with our tailored supply of chemical products providing ongoing treatment to clean, descale and sanitise drains, gullies, grease traps and related pipe work.  We also offer one off cleans as part of our services.

Our Commercial Deep Cleaning specialists are available to conduct a confidential hygiene survey on your workplace that will quickly identify any action necessary to help you comply with current food safety legislation and will schedule a reminder for your annual or six monthly deep clean and ventilation work.

We provide a no obligation detailed quotation for any work we recommend to be undertaken.